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    Working with graphs



      Working with graphs


      Trying to find out if there is way to have the values print over the graph so actual values are visible. I have a horozontal bar graph and would like to see value without having to use the tooltip. Most people won't bother doing that or even know that is option. Not to mention, it doesn't help on printable docs.

      Any direction on this?

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          This is crude and a bit clunky, but it may be possible with a bar chart to place multiple copies of fields directly on top of the chart and then use conditional formatting to hide all values in these fields except for  the specific copy of the field that is correctly located to display the value. To use conditional formatting to hide text, you set the font size to be 500 when you want it to be invisible. This only works, however, if the number of bars never change as you need a series of fields to serve as labels for every bar in the chart. You also have to set the Y axis to be fixed so that the graph's scale does not change.