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    Working with multiple tables



      Working with multiple tables



      I have two seperate databases A and B.  I want my B database to be a visible part of the A database.  In other words I want to be able to access B from A.  Is there a way of having a cover page type where I could click on either A or B and it takes me to that database.  Or is there a way of making B accessible through every record contained on A?

      I appreciate any help you can give me with this so thank you in advance

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          "Database" is too fuzzy a term in the FileMaker world. It can be used to refer to a single table, a single file or even a large group of files--each with many tables. "A" and "B" don't give us much to go on either as it provides no clue as to how data in A might be related to table in B.

          So let's see if you can provide a bit more detail here:

          What are Databases A and B? are they tables or files or ??? What are their real names and purposes? (That often provides key clues that help us make better suggestions.)

          What connections are there, if any, between Data in A and Data in B?

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            Ok sorry, A is a large group of tables included into one file.  B is a single table with over a thousand records.  There is no connection between this data I just want to be able to access it from the same area, if that makes sense.

            A contains contact information, sales information, and product information in the form of tables.

            B contains a different contact table

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              Why two contact tables?

              If there is no connection, what kind of access do you want here?

              It all comes down to a relationship, perhaps the cartesian join relationship (x) that can be used to match any record in Table 1 to all records in table 2. This can be set up for tables in the same file or different files. Either that or you just need a button in file A that opens to a specified layout in File B.

              Perhaps you can provide an example of how you want to use these two files.