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Working with negative fractions

Question asked by mattbabinec on Aug 29, 2012
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Working with negative fractions




I have a database that uses fractions, always in eighths, that I need to do math on.  I've found a calculation on this form to convert these fractions to decimals so I can do the math, but converting back to a fraction to display afterwords is a little confusing.

Please see the attached file.

If I have a negative fraction with integer, like -1 7/8 (In field fractions) it converts to a decimal fine (Decimal Field) but when I convert back to a fraction from the decimal, i end up with -1 -7/8 (DecimalBackToFraction Field)  I don't want this second "-" before the fraction part, so I created the field Replace that gets rid of it.

This works fine, unless my original fraction doesn't have an integer piece (- 7/8).  it still converts to decimal okay, and back to a fraction fine, but then in the Replace field, it gets rid of the first "-" leaving me with 7/8 which isn't good..

How can I detect if there is an integer or not in the fractions, and display negatives and positives after the math on the decimal values accordingly..?


THanks for your help!