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    working with pdf



      working with pdf


      I have a question about opening pdf's from an interactive container field in Acrobat Reader. I just converted from FM 9 to 12. In my database there are pdf's linkd to records. I could and can open these files by double clicking. however, then I can't add pdf's as the field is not interactive. But after making it interactive, I can't open the old pdf's (which appear only as a very small thumbnail) anymore, nor the newly added pdf's in Acrobat Reader by double clicking. the new ones can be scrolled, but this is rather unfriendly.

      does anyone know a solution to open the old pdf's AND the new ones in Acrobat Reader?

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          Use Export Field Contents instead of double clicking. This should work with both.

          You might consider using a script that exports your Old PDF's to the temp folder and then re-inserts them so that you can use the interactive features with them.

          You can also place a small copy of the field without the interactive features next to the interactive copy of the field to use for double clicking to open the files.