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Working with PDFs. New to FM - am confused

Question asked by RebeccaNielson on Jul 22, 2014
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Working with PDFs. New to FM - am confused


     My work has been keeping an electronic articles database manually. As in, to add something we...

  1.           open excel database spreadsheet
  3.           enter  article name, database number, author... etc.
  5.           rename file xxxx.pdf and put it into a folder on the network.


     I've been given the task of creating a FM 12 database that can hold all of that information. Here's what I have so far:

  1.           Created fields to hold all of the information
  3.           Managed to figure out how to import the excel file
  5.           Made an interactive content field and imported a PDF into it.


     This is my problem...

     --I have no idea how to open the pdf now that I have imported it.

     --I would REALLLY like it set up so that when you click on it

     ----It opens a field that displays the pdf

     ----I don't want it to open it in internet explorer, or firefox, or chrome, or safari, or opera...

     ------our main work database sometimes does this, and I don't feel safe having IE open on a computer running XP... (actually, it's just a hassle, and we come close to maxing out our computers when we use them, and don't want something else to open)

     ----I don't even want it to open in adobe...

     ----I definitely don't want it to download the file onto the computer that accesses it

     ------our main work database also sometimes does this. I think that this is the worst possible idea for how we use it... It's not an instance of 'well I might need to edit this file and then re-upload it.' It's an instance of  'I want to look at this for reference.' The articles don't get edited... If something needs to be changed, it has to be edited, printed out, signed, scanned back into PDF, and then uploaded, and only one person ever does that.


     So basically, I want to be able to upload a pdf to a field and have a way for it to open in a new FM window (maybe with script or something...?) *without* it downloading it or opening it in a browser.

     I'm building the db on windows 7, FM 12; but we have a few computers running XP with FM 11, so compatibility between versions is an issue.

     And are there any good tutorials I could find? I look like the person who doesn't try anything on her own before crying for help.