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    Working with portals



      Working with portals


      Hi there, 


      I am creating a database where I have 8-9 portals set up on a page with the name of the corresponding record on each one.  From these portals you can click the box and go to the record itself, which contains various information about the subject, including pictures, web links etc etc.  


      Originally I created the Portals in rows of 3, and they linked fine to the records, but I realized you couldnt edit each portal box individually, so I re-did the portals one at a time.  Tedious, but at least they can be edited individually now.  I want to add pictures to them that link to the pictures in the records etc etc.


      The problem I am having now no matter what portal I click on it goes to the 1st record.  It doesn't go to the correct one, matched by name like it used too, when I did rows of 3.  Anyone know how to fix this?  I would be more than happy to email you the sample of which I am talking about, so you can better understand.


      Any help would be appreciated



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          Hi Josh

          You have set up the portal as a button. When you do this, even though you have a one row portal, the GTRR does not know which related record you want to go to.




          1. make the fields in the portal into a button, OR

          2. create a box that is the slightly smaller than the portal (row), make it into a button, place it in the portal behind the fields (make the fields non-enterable in Browse mode)


          BTW, the name and image fields on your Insect Selection layout should be from the current table occurrence (Insect).