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Working with Portals

Question asked by DranLang on Dec 3, 2013
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Working with Portals


     Good morning everyone!  I'm currently working on a how I can multiply 2 fields from 2 different portals, I know its possible but can't seem to get it running.

     I have a layout which contains 2 portals Pricing and FieldSales.  The Pricing table that is from another database (SALES) which I connected to a table (FieldSales) in my COSTS database. 

     The relationship between my two tables are defined as:

     FieldSales::ProductNumber = Pricing::ProductNum

     AND FieldSales::DayNumber = Pricing::DayNum

     I need to compute for a Total Amount which is a field in my Pricing table by multiplying Amount with  Quantity which is in my FieldSales, this is how I wrote the formula:

     Total Amount = Amount * FieldSales::Quantity

     My problem is that Amount won't compute, is there another way I can do this like using a recurrence of a table or I'm missing something I need to do so that I can multiply Amount with Quantity?

     Thanks everyone, any ideas/suggestions is deeply appreciated!