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Working with portals..

Question asked by julieFrith on Mar 25, 2011
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Working with portals..



Can anyone help with a 'portal' solution?  This is what i'd like to do. 

I have a contact details for everyone who owns apartments in a block of flats. Each Apartment record can hold contact information for either 1 or 2 Owners. Each owner has a field option to make them a director (via a Yes or No) value list. (note, both owners could be directors, or neither could be, or one could be and one couldn't be).

In a different db i'd like a portal to view only the 'owners' who are directors.  I've set up the relationship and can get the portal to view all the records but how do i get it to only view those owners who have said 'Yes' to being a director. 

Can i get the portal to sort only those who have said yes on each record?

As always, any help is appreciated.