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    Working with Reports



      Working with Reports


      I want to know how I can make an inform using two parameters 

      Example I want to make an inform of all the invoices of customers using two parameters; date 1 and date 2... in a show custom dialog

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          I think you want to pop up a custom dialog, enter two dates and find all invoices where the sales date is within the specified date range.

          If so:

             Show custom Dialog ["Enter a date range"] //specify two input fields, use date fields and specify global storage for both.
             If [ get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 2 // Cancel was clicked ]
                Exit script
             Else IF [ Not ( IsValid (YourTable::gDate1 ) And Isvalid ( YourTable::gDate2 ) ) //make sure valid dates were entered]
                Show Custom Dialog ["error: invalid date range"]
                 Exit Loop If [True  // valid dates were entered]
             End IF
          End Loop
          Enter Find Mode [] //clear the pause check box
          Set Field [YourTable::DateField ; YourTable::gdate1 & "..." & YourTable::gDate2]
          Set Error capture [on] //keeps dialog box from interrupting script if no records are found
          Perform Find []

          Note: you must specify global storage for the two date fields: gDate1 and gDate2 in order for this script to work.

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            Thanks PhilModJunk

            Let me try it.

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              I have everithing, but i need to open a my report that i created before gime me your e-mail to send you a pdf file how i want mi solution filemaker thanks.