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Working with Tab Controls Question - FMP 12

Question asked by MorkAfur on May 30, 2012
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Working with Tab Controls Question - FMP 12


I have a tab control with 25 or so fields in it.

The problem I'm having is selecting (for example, by dragging) the fields "inside" the tab control. As I build the form from top to bottom inside the tab, I need to move the fields down that aren't yet positioned on the form where I want them.

I don't see how to "drill down" to be inside the tab control just like I'm on a regular canvas and deal with the content in the tab without the tab control moving around and such.

So, what I'm finding is that I can't actually drag around the fields with the mouse without moving the tab control itself.

Therefore, I'm stuck with selecting each individual field and caption (or multiple) and moving them that way.

What a pain.

How do you tell the tab control: "OK, whatever I do now is inside the tab control and you, Mr. Tab Control, don't need to worry about anything".

Basically I just want to be able to work with the fields like they're on a regular canvas (select, drag, etc.), but the Tab Control keeps getting in the way -- I want to be at the "canvas level" inside a tab so I can work with the fields in a tab easily, but I don't see how the Tab control understands this containership hierarchy.

I'm probably just missing something simple, hopefully. :)

Look forward to any replies.