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    Working with two Databases in FM13



      Working with two Databases in FM13


           ----I work with Windows 8.1----FMserver13----FMProdAdv13--

           I have already a DatabaseONE with several tables,which I like to maintain.

           However I need to have

           (particularly Layouts and some tables from an other Filmaker13 DatabaseTWO on same server or on

           same computer in other directory.

           What is the best way, via ODBC? 

           If I do Fileimport the files  into the DatabaseONE, I loose the layouts from the imported DatabaseTWO,

           DatabaseONE is the MAIN database, but I need to use layouts and files  from DatabaseTWO.

           Any solution??



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               You can host multiple database files on FileMaker Server at the same time. You do not need to combine all of your tables into the same file though doing so can simplify certain details when it comes to managing your database system.

               It is also possible to import tables and scripts from one file into another and then use copy and paste to replicate the original layout in the file into which you have imported the data. This is, however, something of a tedious process and requires paying careful attention to detail. (As well as manually recreating any value lists from the original file in the new "combined" file.)

          Importing Layouts