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    Working with users



      Working with users


      I have about 25 users that have the same access privileges. I have a common layout that they use to input their personal information. How can I get the layout to refresh so no previous records are shown to the next user while the database saves all the inputted information? I am currently working in one table. I thought one way was to assign individual passwords and have them sign in but when the data base opens back up to the next user it retains the records on that layout. What is the best way? 

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          Howdy drushton,


          As we were discussing on our earlier thread...have a script run at startup (File>FileOptions... ) that performs a find for the records you want that user to start out with.


          Often such a script will include something of the type:


          Enter Find Mode

          Setfield [ AccountTag ; Get(AccountName) ]

          Perform Find

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               Hello again. Was wondering were you went on the last thread. I feel slow but I do not understand how working with records on startup will help my problem. I have about 25 users who can go to about 75 layouts(drawings). They pick records from many of these layouts to fill their request. In each layout I have a find block in which the user picks records from the drawing by finding the record,from the drawing, by a unique (item) number that relates to areas on the drawing. This is why it is necessary for the chosen records to go to a layout that gathers these records. This prevents the user from having to write down on paper the record before going to the next layout to make additional choices. It is on this layout that collects the choices that the user needs to add their personal information. Other access level users process this information. Once the 25 users finish picking their records and add their personal information they are finished until they need to access the records again. I have moved all layouts back into one table as you said and added the fields you suggested to be able to perform the find in other layouts once the personal information was added. The users needs to be able to access all records to be able to find their information so I do not want to restrict the data base. Please review the other thread and see if I am on the right page. I thought that the script that you first gave me might be the answer. Please be patient because I really do appreciate your help.......Thanks     David
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                 Ninja Hello again I was hoping you may have had a chance to review over the threads on my questions. Was trying to use your script but was wondering about the first ID step. Can I use the Item number field I have assigned to each record? It does make the record unique. can you go into more detail about the script? Do you have any additional input about the total concept about what I am trying to do?? Sure could use your help......thanks for your time. David