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Working with with more than one table

Question asked by calliex on Jul 20, 2011
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Working with with more than one table


As i learn more about filemaker I am finding better ways to do things.

I have time dependent data collect of 72 hrs.  Not knowing better I have individual data fields for all of the data.  For example,  time01,time02... Bp01...Bp02.

I have decided a better way to do this is with a separate table for this data.  

I tried creating a separate database with table in it.  That worked but I then needed to backup that db separately.

I then created that table inside the existing database/table.  I having trouble knowing where I am, as far as what table.

While I am tinkering I erase all records and then import them again until I get the hang of thing. I am not sure what table is active when i do this.

Any suggestions


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