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    Working with with more than one table



      Working with with more than one table


      As i learn more about filemaker I am finding better ways to do things.

      I have time dependent data collect of 72 hrs.  Not knowing better I have individual data fields for all of the data.  For example,  time01,time02... Bp01...Bp02.

      I have decided a better way to do this is with a separate table for this data.  

      I tried creating a separate database with table in it.  That worked but I then needed to backup that db separately.

      I then created that table inside the existing database/table.  I having trouble knowing where I am, as far as what table.

      While I am tinkering I erase all records and then import them again until I get the hang of thing. I am not sure what table is active when i do this.

      Any suggestions


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          Putting the related table inside the same file, linking it in a  relationship and then placing a portal to the related table on your  layout in place of the individual fields is the simplest way to go here.

          It's hard to tell from your post exactly where this process breaks down for you. Can you spell out the steps you are taking and when/where it fails to work for you?

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            When I try to populate my new related table I will call it ABGdata with data from an excel spreadsheet the table ABGdata is greyed out.

            My only option is to create a new table based on the excel file.

            My original or main table is listed first and the ABGdata table is not avail.

            When i did this using ABGdata as it's only table a separate database I did not have this problem


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              Go to the layout based on the new table, then select Import Records from the File menu. Import Records (when not run from a script) always sets up to import into the current layout's table so to select a different table, you have to select a layout based on it. That's one reason to keep at least one layout for every table in your file even if it does not need to be directly used by people working with your databse. (And it can be omitted from the layout drop down when your file is in browse mode to hide it from your users.)

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                Thanx for your help.

                I am going to try it out