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Would FileMaker be a good way to store miscellaneous information?

Question asked by JerryAdams on Nov 5, 2013
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Would FileMaker be a good way to store miscellaneous information?


     We are trying to get FileMaker up and running to store and help manage our client database.  My question concerns miscellaneous information the owner would like to have handy.  This information is not necessarily related to anything in our client database as often this information pertains to prospective clients he would like to have one day. 

     The information he collects is not the same kind of information in our database.  As an example:

     Jaclyn Low

     2 boys –7yrs & 4yrs

     Grew up in Saratoga

     Went to WashU –met husband at WashU –engineer

     Degree in Social Services

     Lives in Chesterfield

     Runs 5 miles each morning

     “Kelly E –surprised they are using D Services” –KD has relationship with company


     Kelly Day –boss @ A One

     Late 40s

     Husband Joe Day attorney w/ Legal Services

     Sharp as a tack

     Using D Services


     Additionally, the information can change each and every time he talks with another prospective client.  Next time he may have a name, their pets, hobbies, type of vehicle they drive, where they could be anything and everything.  So I'm not exactly 100% sure FileMaker is the proper storage vehicle for collecting and retrieving this type of information.

     Any suggestions on other ways to store this type of information?

     Suggestions on how to use FileMaker to store this info? 

     Thanks, Jerry