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Would this be a value list or repeating field?

Question asked by wngiii on Feb 9, 2010
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Would this be a value list or repeating field?




I've got a problem with figuring out what to call something.  I've got a table of Contracts all with expiration dates.  each contract is related to an artist who has put out multiple albums. I have no problem getting the expiration date to show on all the albums attached to the artist. 9 times out of 10 this if fine, my problem comes when language in the contract isn't specific about the expiration date.  For example one contract says the lease on the album expires 10 years from release of the album and there are 5 albums under that contract.  So in essence there are 5 expiration dates for this contract.


If I put the expiration dates in with a carraige return could that be considered a value list and used the same way? or would this be a repeating field?


I would ideally like to have a field to default to the first date but have the ability to set a pull down menu for contracts with multiple dates in that field.


for example. 


Contract 1 has a fixed expiration date of 1/1/2010 and attached to album 1 and 2

Contract 2 has multiple dates because 3/2/2010, 4/1/2011, 5/1/2013 and is attached to album 3,4,& 5


the each album would show the below expiration date attached to the contract


Album 1  1/1/2010 Contract 1

Album 2  1/1/2010 Contract 1

Album 3  3/2/2010 Contract 2

Album 4  4/1/2011 Contract 2

Album 5  5/1/2013 Contract 2


any help or thoughts would be great. 


Thanks in advance!