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would this be possible?

Question asked by nader on Jan 10, 2012
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would this be possible?


 Hello everyone,

I am new using FMpro10, I am trying to make a button that is multifunctional. when i press it, it set a value of the field as an item, then get the price of that item selcted from another table?

I have tried the script approach and value list approach, it just giving me the item's name and not the price from related table,

I did mnage to write a script using set field but in this way i have to write a script for every item, it is time consuming and when i want to change my prices it would cause a serious problem.

I have a table called products with product id, product name, product code, unit price

second table is my costumer table which is related to my product table (Product ID), I am using a portal table in my costumer layout and trying to make a button for each product which does the above functios when it is pressed

 can anyone help please...

Thank you