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    Would this be possible?



      Would this be possible?



      I've got a pretty extensive Excel document with genetic calculations, with lots of different calculations (on some sections it's in 16 000 rows across several hundred columns).

      The answers in all these cells change depending on what I write into only 28 original cells. Once all the calculations are done by Excel, the resluting genotypes from the calculations will be presented in 1-16 cells. 

      All I want now is for a program to convert the spreadsheets into a simple little program or web app or something where someone can change the content of the 28 original cells and immediately see the result in the 1-63 cells. Would FileMaker be able to do this?

      Thing is, though, that this dokument has become so massive that when I try to insert any data in the 28 cells, Excel lags. I need a program that does all the calculations faster than Excel.

      All the information that I want to be visible in the resulting program are the 28 cells and the 1-16 result cells. All the calculations should be run in the background by the program.

           Would this be possible to create in FileMaker?



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               I doubt that FileMaker could do the calculations any faster than Excel. It is more likely to be slower. Regardless of what application you use here, this is a lot of "number crunching" and anything that you can do to simplify or streamline the calculations will make for a faster result--no matter what application you select for this purpose.

               It probably is possible to do what you want in FileMaker, but it would not be easy to do. FileMaker is not a spread sheet application so the methods that you have worked out for Excel will not necessarily transfer easily to FileMaker.

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                 Thank you for your quick answer! 

                 Do you know of a program that would be able to do something like this, or would I have to learn coding and code everything by hand myself?

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                   As I already said: FileMaker can probably do this.

                   But while I have a basic understanding of simple genetics, there is simply not enough information in this thread to know if it is practical to do so or not.

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                     I do want it as fast as possible, so I guess I'll have to keep looking for a program that could do all the work for me and create a fast, but simple program to present the results in.

                     Thank you so much for your help, though! :) I really appreciate it!

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                       Yes, but there are three ways to get faster results:

                  1.           Faster hard ware.
                  3.           Faster application.
                  5.           More efficiently designed calculations

                       If it's possible to do #3, it has the potential to provide the biggest improvement and may make FileMaker a good choice for what you want to do.

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                         Thank you for your ideas! I will see what I can do about the calculations. I think I've got an idea. :) Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out! :) I appreciate it a lot!