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    Wrap Text in Table Layout



      Wrap Text in Table Layout


      I'm trying to print a table from Filemaker... it's a "notes/comments" field, so some of the fields have a lot of text.  I was wondering if there's a way to change the settings so that the table displays all the text in the cell (similar to the "wrap text" function in Excel).  Does anyone know if this is possible to do?





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             You can specify a larger row height (which makes all the rows higher) or you can change your layout to a list view layout and try out the sliding fields option (visible in print and preview only).
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            Did you ever get an answer you could use for expanding the field size in list view when the field contains more than one line of characters? I am very anxious to be able to print a report that is actually useful to my staff with serial numbers that are not cut off.

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              You can't expand fields, but you can shrink them. That's what the sliding fields option does. You have to re-size your fields to be large enough to display the largest possible block of text you might allow and then set them to slide up. The sliding will only be visible in preview mode or when you print/PDF the layout.