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    Wresting With Check Boxes



      Wresting With Check Boxes


           So i have a field titled Mailing List (See Below) with 7 possible values.  This I have added to the basic Contact Database that comes with File Maker.  If I do a find for a selection of contacts and want to add an X next to the first name on all of the contacts but keep any other existing selections how can I do this?  If I use Replace Field Contents after adding an x it wipes out all other selections.

           Would there be a better way to set up a Contact to be added to multiple mailing lists?


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               Replace Field Contents can use the following calculation to add "Mark Tucker" but keep all other selections unchanged:

               If ( Not Isempty ( FilterValues ( YourTable::checkboxField ; "Mark Tucker" ) ) ; YourTable::checkboxField ; List ( YourTable::CheckBoxFIeld ; "Mark Tucker" ) )