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Write null/blank field values via ODBC

Question asked by TimothyStraub on Nov 3, 2010


Write null/blank field values via ODBC


Hi All,

I am trying to write a null or blank field value but I get an ODBC - update on a linked table failed. SequeLink Out of Memory error.

This is either via a SQL statement or in query/table view. I'm using Access 2003, SequeLink 5.5, and FM 9 Pro Advanced.

I have no problems writing the initial record as I am not populating those empty fields. But for an update (updating an address that no longer has Line 2 for example), I can't set Line 2 to Null. There are no validation requirements set in FM. It is a Text field, no Auto-Enter options either.

Any suggestions? I can't delete the record and re-insert it as that will throw off the primary index in used by other apps.

Many thanks!