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write to text file

Question asked by ryandunne_1 on Dec 6, 2013


write to text file


     hello all basicly im using a third party plugin to do a couple of steps in a script and i now want to be able to cut that out of equation and am hopeing someone could help

     the scipt looks like this

     Set Variable [ $temp; Value:WriteToFile("C:
     \Users\Postage pc and rippc\Desktop\royal
     mail\import.csv" ;"ADD WHS¶" ) ]

     Set Variable [ $temp; Value:ReadFileContents("C:
     \Users\Postage pc and rippc\Desktop\royal
     mail\royalmail3.csv" ) ]

     Set Variable [ $temp; Value:AppendToFile("C:
     \Users\Postage pc and rippc\Desktop\royal
     mail\import.csv";$temp) ]

     Set Variable [$makelock; value:AppendToFile("C:\Users\Postage pc and rippc\Desktop\royal mail\lock.txt" ;"" )]


     it creates a normal text file called "import.csv" with the first line "ADD WHS"

     it then reads a recently exported csv file and stores it in $temp

     then writes that csv to the original text file after the "ADD WHS" so both are in the one csv

     and then creates another text file with no contents called lock


     hope that enough info to go on :) thankyou ryan.