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Writing a PDF file - specifying name

Question asked by dzittin on Apr 11, 2012
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Writing a PDF file - specifying name



I have an application that outputs invoices to be mailed to customers. When the DB user outputs a PDF file I would like the invoice # to be part of the name. That's easy to do using a $variable. However, I also want the user to specify the folder in which to write the PDF file and I cannot seem to do both.

If I leave the PDF "specify file dialog" box empty then the user is presented with a local file save dialog with a file named "Untitled". If I use a $variable in the dialog, then the user has no control over the folder in which the file is written. 

Am I missing something? Is there away for me to change "Untitled" to "Invoice.1234" and then have the user interact with the local file-save dialog box to select the folder?