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Writing a Script with 2 conditions

Question asked by JanCarpenter on Apr 23, 2011
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Writing a Script with 2 conditions


Simple question - beginner!

I've got a file with a value list field (contains either yes, no or maybe radio buttons).

I want to write a script that says:

if the record has "yes" checked, omit


if the record has "no", checked omit

In theory, the resulting list would then only include those that have "maybe" checked (assuming all records have at least one of the buttons checked.

Can you help me with how the script should be written?

ps - I realize it (in this example) would be easier to just ask for those records that have "maybe" checked.  This is not really my real life problem.  I just want to know how to write a script that asks 2 questions of each record.  Hope that makes sense!