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Writing Notes and using Time

Question asked by beano129 on Apr 25, 2013
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Writing Notes and using Time & Date stamp feature - Assistance Needed


     Hi all, 

     I'm looking for a solution to a problem. 

     I have records that need the ability to make notes but I need these notes Time & Date stamping. 

     Ideally, I would like a large notes filed that a user would write whatever notes they wish and then at the end of the sentace, a time & date stamp would drop in. 

     Then if the user needs to come back and make some more notes they woud click into the filed, start a new line, make the notes and again it would end with a time and date stamp. 

     Is this possilbe in a text filed if you put T&D validation on? 

     I just need the ability to make multiple notes and each time a note is made, for the T&D stamp to be noted. 

     Thanks all