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Writing Record Data

Question asked by DrDave on Nov 10, 2008
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Writing Record Data


I'm new to FM (Pro) and someone sent me a database that I'm working with. Here is the situation.


I havew a customer database and a purchase database.


When I add data, I use a layout that contains information from the customer database and (I think it's called a portal) information from the purchase database. In fact, I can add up to four purchases in this layout.


One more piece of info. When a purchase is added, there is a purchase number that is the customer number plus some text (like 1234INT).


Instead of entering this purchase number for every purchase, I specified a validation function that simply says, add the text to the customer number and store it in the purchase number field. It works great...under some conditions.


Here is my problem.


When I add a record, I enter the customer number, but the validation on the purchase number does not work on the purchase database unless I "go to the next customer record, and then return to the current customer."


I think this forward-back action writes the data to the record and then the validation function can see it.


Is there something that I can do to write the customer record data as soon as I enter the customer number.


Thanks for the help...and if you actually read this WHOLE message, you are my hero! :-) Sorry for the long message.