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Writing reports using FM data

Question asked by PhilipIrving_1 on Apr 30, 2015
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Writing reports using FM data


We currently have "job" records in FM12Pro. We need to write reports every couple of weeks on progress of each open job. We use a series of MSWord templates held in a separate file system that depend on type of job and the customer. The current process is for a staff member to ->  find and copy the correct template document -> access FM and use data held in FM to populate manually about 15-20 fields -> then type the remainder of their report -> rename the document (using job number and customer name) so it can be identified and found easily in the future

Automating some of this would reduce report production time by up to 50%

Wondering if the following is possible; and if realistically possible to be done by a FM newbie

Button pressed in FM in the job to be reported -> user is prompted for information for report title -> user is prompted for information enabling the correct template to be selected by the script -> template is copied and renamed automatically using information from the FM record -> MSWord activated  -> the MSWord template is populated with relevant fields from FM including the previously entered report title -> document left open and available so the remainder of the report can be written.

Also interested if anyone has a better idea for a solution.