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    Writing Script help for labels



      Writing Script help for labels




      I have a database that has public schools in one table, private Schools in another table and charter schools in another.  I use each one differently but they each have similar info (i.e.:  Principal, address, city, etc)  I need to create a script that pulls all three tables to create labels for all schools.  I have individual scripts for public school labels, private school labels and the like.  Can you help me write the script to go to each table and get the info into one?


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          Rather than a script, you should take a very careful look at your three tables and see if you can't merge all these records into one table. You can use import records to move the data. You may be able to do everything you now dow with separate tables, simply by adding one more field that is used to identify whether a given record is for a charter, private or public school.


          You can use finds and filtered relationships or filtered portals to work with each of the three groups just as though they were in separate tables, but now you have all the records in one table for your labels layout to work with.

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            You are right.   That is the way to go.  I was just looking at my database and saw that the way I have it is dumb.  Thank you for a quick reply.  If I have further questions once I change things, I will re-post.