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    wrong error message



      wrong error message


      Hi everybody, can somebody tell me why , when quitting the application via the keyboard (cmd-Q in mac OS) rather than clicking a button that i have set to run a “quit“ script, i get this message:


      “this script is missing or has been deleted“  (actually, i get this message in italian, and this is my best translation)


      then , after clicking OK, the application quits.


      Thanks in advance



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          Pull down file menu and check "File Options". You'll probably find that it specifies a script to run when the file is closed. Either this script has been deleted or a script performed by this script has been deleted.


          This is what's triggering the error message you see.

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               hu, you're totally right. i did not consider that the file was created modifying another one which was set to run a script upon closing: i might need to sleep more hours! Thank you, PhilModJunk