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Wrong info in emails

Question asked by MichaelStolle on Jul 10, 2015
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Wrong info in emails


Hi everyone,

I've got a little issue, maybe bug in system???

I started with the trialversion of FilemakerPro 13, but with some problems about the payment, I received permission to start with trialversion FilemakerPro 14 and received the code the continue with this version.
I use Filemaker Pro to make records of people and their various trips to airevents.
Therefor i have adjusted "Facturen" to my needs.


Person A is going with aircraft to trip B, aircraft departs from C to D with departurehours 00u00

Same person is going with bus to trip Z, with departurepoint Y with departurehours 12u00

So several people will go to the same event, some of those people also booked another trip, etc etc
Now i want the send an email to the people of a certain trip, so i do a search to get all the people for that trip on 1 screen.
But if i want to send them an email, some of the people who are going on this trip but also booked another trip, are receiving data from that other trip.

So like in the example above, he will go to trip Z, with departurepoint C instead of Y and departurehours 00u00 instead of 12u00. See also example of mails below
When i take a look to the tableview, everything looks like it must be, with the right data as it should be.
And when i change the data in that other trip, then it's working fine, but i don't think thats the way of working with this program.
For the other people that hasn't booked another trip, they receive the good information!!!

Example of the mail:  (both data should be the same!!!)

Person A who doesn't have booked another trip
Volgens uw boeking, gemaakt op 18/07/2015 met nummer 2015-0000 stapt u op te Oostkamp (Hotel van der Valk) en vertrek is daar voorzien om 22u15.
Rond 04u50 zal u terug te Oostkamp (Hotel van der Valk) zijn. 

Person B who does have a booking for another trip
Volgens uw boeking, gemaakt op 16/06/2015 met nummer 2015-0000 stapt u op te Zaventem (BRU) en vertrek is daar voorzien om 13u05
Rond 17u25 zal u terug te Zaventem (BRU) zijn.

All trips does have another invoice, so no two trips on the same bill

Is there a bug in the system or is it me that's doing something wrong???