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Wrong page number if customer as 2 pages and Email

Question asked by techccaq on Oct 14, 2009
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Wrong page number if customer as 2 pages and Email




I have two tables.  One called "customers" and the other is "customers related".  We create a relationship with "ID_customers" on both table.


The "customers" tables is connected by "ID_Customers" on table called Order_lines. 


I create another "order_lines_for Customers_related" based on "Order Lines"(Occurrences).


The "customers_related" table is connected by "ID_Customers_related" on table called "Order_lines_for_customers_related".  So, whatever I enter some lines in my order, I could have the other for my "customers" and my "customers related".


So, I created a report from table "order_lines_for Customers_related".


I have a Header containing the information for my customers.


I have a sub-summary(Leading) sort by the first and last name of the "customers".  I select Page break before each occurence and restart pages numbers after each occurences.


I have the body containing the name of the person that order some activities and also the cost for all the activities.


I also have another sub summary (Trailing) sort by first and last name of the "customers".  This part contains informations about payment other information base on summary for billing.


I finally have a footer containing the page number ( Page ##).


So, I have some "customers" which have a lot activities attached to him and also attached to his "customers_related".  So, some "customers" have two pages or could up to three.  So, is it possible to show, at the end of the page, Page 1 on first page, and page 2 on, second pages, etc...  Of course, in the next "customers" name, the page should show Page 1.



My second part of my question is : Is it possible to send  my report of all my "customers page" by email ?