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Wrong PDF file attached to Email

Question asked by sundown on Mar 8, 2014
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Wrong PDF file attached to Email


     Phil guided me in setting up a script to email status letters to supervisors. These are mostly done on the Filemaker Remote network. (

     I originally had problems with the PDF attachment sometimes being dropped from the email. I added a delay to slow down the loop and it has seemed to work. The problems only showed up from the remote locations, not on the host computer.

     Lately I have found that occasionally when we email multiple letters, the first client's email has the second client's PDF file attached to the email. The second & all following  client's emails have the correct file attached. So the first & second emails both have the second PDF file attached. This only happens occasionally and only when sending on the Remote network.

     I first had the script loop delayed by 0.3 seconds and have increased it to 0.5 seconds, but just saw it happen again. Always the second PDF file attached to both the first two emails. No problem when emailing one at a time.

     I have attached my script code for this email function in hopes you can suggest a fix.