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    Wrong record when overviewing and printing



      Wrong record when overviewing and printing


      I've done a customer database for our company. We insert new customers daily in the datebase.

      Today I've discovered a "bug". If want hit the "overview"-button to be able to save as PDF or print, wrong post shows up.

      Example. I want to print the record of customer 1200. I hit overview and instead of showing a overview of record 1200 I get an overview of the first record, 1001.

      To get around this I have to search for 1200, then hit overview. 

      I want to set up a new system where I print receive in front of the customer and I don't want to have  to search just to be able to print the record.


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          By the looks of the screen shots, record 1001 is your very first record. 

          This is because the preview button previews all the records in the database, starting from the first.  Then when you select the right pointing arrow at the top right of the screen it will go to the next record and so on.

          If you want to see your current record in preview, you will have to have a script that will isolate your current records (just like the search facility does), then display it in preview mode:

          Show All Records

          Omit Record

          Show Omitted Only

          Enter Preview Mode []

          Then you will need to exit preview mode and select show all records again when finished.  I am sure there are other ways to achieve this also.


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            Do you need to see the preview ('overview') first?  Otherwise you could simply have a print button on the screen with the option set to 'Print Current Record', and you wouldn't lose any found set you already have.

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              Thats actually how I do it in one of my databases, a print button (current record) that has its properties set to 'hide when printing'.