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    Wrong Unicode symbols displayed



      Wrong Unicode symbols displayed


      I'm trying produce male and female signs, to use on labels. I thought the easiest way would be to use the Char function, with the correct Unicode, in a calculation field as follows:


      Case (
      kön = "male" ; TextFont ( Char ( 2640) ; "Arial");
      kön = "female" ; TextFont ( Char ( 2642 ) ; "Arial" ) ;
      "" )


      which would, I would think, give me a male symbol (Unicode 2640) in Arial font, if the "kön"-field contains "male", and a female symbol if it contains "female".


      However, all I'm treated to is a box symbol (in both cases). It also turns out that other Unicode numbers give the wrong symbols. The ones I've tried (at random) are 2730 and 1750.


      Am I missing something here? I'm using FileMaker Pro 10.0v3, Windows Vista.