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Question asked by Abhaya on Jun 19, 2014




     Hi Guys

     I need some help related to the below point. Any type of suggestion is welcome...

     In  my FMP11 application Fm Nexus web service functions  are used. I have converted that file to FMP 13.

     As you all know that this plug is not supported in FMP 13. So the functions used for FMP 11 is missing in FMP 13.  Below are the list of functions that are used in FMP 11 application.

     _FmNx_Unload( wsdl_name )
     You can use this function to remove the automatically created functions
     and preferences associated with a specific WSDL.Basically It unload the WSDL.

     _FmNx_Load_WSDL_From_URL( wsdl_name; URL )
     It is used to load a WSDL.
     This function allows you to load the WSDL function into your FileMaker solution.

     _FmNx_SetPref( )
     This function allows you to set some preferences like keys,verbose,host,port.
     You need to set them with every launch.

     Don't know the funcationality of this function.


     So I want to know how to replace this function with any other plugin functions in FMP 13.
     Is there any plugin available for FM 13 to load/unload a WSDL?

     looking forward to hear from you....