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X Access user needs help with a  multiKey serial number

Question asked by ToddLegere on Nov 7, 2010
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X Access user needs help with a  multiKey serial number


Need some help  converting  a work order data base from Access to FM.

Our work order numbers are department specific.   Electrical as an example would use  E0001….  Where plumbing would use P0001…

With Access my table uses 3 fields to accomplish this.

1-    Type – This is a stored value from a look up table, this is a letter that defines the type of work order .  E= Electrical,  P= Plumbing, C= Controls…

2-    WOSeqNum – This field keeps track of previously used numbers.

3-    WoNum-  this is the combined number IE .. E0001

I would like to point out that I require sequential numbering.  Each division uses  the same numbers  IE.  Electrical will be  E0001,E0002, as will Controls be C0001, C0002…

The code I used to accomplish this in Access was.

WOSeqNum = Nz(DMax("WOSeqNum", "TblPO_numbers", "Type = '" & Me.Type & "'"), 0) + 1
WoNum = [Type] & "" & [WOSeqNum]

What do I need to research to do this in FM?  I’ve been reading up on multikey but I done seam to be getting anywhere. 

Any help would be appreciated.