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    X-Axis charting question



      X-Axis charting question



           Here's what I want to do.

           I have several tables that I want to chart out along the same days. There is data in the tables for the last 30 days but they do not fall on the same days. is there a way for me in the charting options to say "show me all the data for the last 30 days all tables" in one chart?


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               There is not, but if you are using FileMaker 12, you might be able to produce a data series using the UNION keyword that combines data from multiple tables.

               I suggest spelling out what you are trying to do in more detail. If you aren't using FMP 12, you may have to use some import records operations to merge the data into a single table.

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                 Thanks for the reply. I am using FM Pro 12.

                 I have several tables but they're all very similar. An example of the 2 tables would be:





                 Date (On Creation)





                 Date (On Creation)

                 I would like to be able to graph out the number of Subscribers over time in 1 graph. I didn't find a UNION function (you did say keyword but I'm not sure what that is). Does UNION incorperate writing an SQL function?

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                   UNION is a SQL keyword that you can use with the ExecuteSQL function to product a Select Query that combines data from two or more tables.

                   Another option is to put the data for YouTube and Twitter in the same table to begin with. In the above example "Re-Tweets" would be blank for YouTube records. (And that's one of two options for handling differences between the two tables. The other option being related tables for media specific fields that relate to a central table with the subscriber and Date data. I mention this option as it provides greater flexibility for a lot of other reporting that you may need to do in addition to your chart.

                   Over what time interval do you want to graph the number of subscribers? subscriptions per day, per week, per month or ...??

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                     I'd prefer not to mash the 2 tables together. I have 7 platforms right now that I'd like to track statistics for which would lead to a pretty big/messy table.

                     With the second option, I have the tables related based on the following relationships:

                     Main--------<List of Social sites>---------<Social Sites> (I think that's the right symbology, ---< is one to many and >----< is many to many)

                     I believe that's what you mean by relating the tables? If so, is there a way to graph multiple Social Site tables throught the relationships? Or will I have to use the UNION/ExecuteSQL ?

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                       What I am suggesting is that you put at least the Subscription data all in the same table and then link it to the specific "detail" tables for the kind of "platform" that describes that specfiic subscription. Then you aren't charing subscription statistics from multiple tables. In your case, that means that your 7 tables would link to a common table where you'd have a field for the date and the number of subscribers a field to identify the type of platform (youTube, Twitter, etc) and a key field that links to one of these 7 tables.

                       I think you'll need

                       Main--------<List of Social sites>---------<Social Sites
                                        Subscriber Census

                       And then you can chart from Subscriber Census