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XML export and href

Question asked by hspiegl on Feb 23, 2012


XML export and href


Hi, I put together and print a catalogue for a customer on a monthly basis and use FMPro to export the data as xml for subsequent layout in Quark. My database is quite simple with each record having an image. There each record has description, prices and image filename. Quark has a partucular way of handling XML and images, which I cracked but it is tedious (you have to flag each record in Quark with its record number; with 900 records it does take time. It's incredibly fragile - but it works!). 

I have been fiddling with InDesign which may been more strightforward, but I have hit upon a snag. InDesign wants a href with a path. My DSO export from FM tags the image data: <image>filename.jpg</image>. I need <Image href=”file:///filename.jpg”></Image>

Any ideas how to achieve this?