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XML export settings

Question asked by JessicaFiorini on Aug 12, 2011
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XML export settings



I have a question relating to xml exporting settings / functions. I have a main table called "Lessons" and two related tables called "File Usage" and "Season." The Lesson table contains the permanent features of individual educational lessons. The related tables track when the file was used (seasons) and how the file was used (file usage), it can be used in multiple ways. I am using an stylesheet provided to me by my company's engineer.

The question is this: How do I export an xml file that lists every file use for each related lesson as seperate entries? For example: Lesson 1 is used under LPID (internal lesson rating)6 and 9 for the spring season or 2011. How do I export an xml file that will have the entries: Lesson 1, LPID 6 and Lesson 1, LPID 9? Is this something I can do on my end or do I ask the engineer to make a script that recognizes each LPID (rating) as unique and auto-generates the duplicate info?