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XML import field mapping setting no longer ignored in FMP 11

Question asked by isisdesign on Sep 17, 2011


XML import field mapping setting no longer ignored in FMP 11


Have a solution that was working in FMP 9/10 which includes 3 xml import script steps that use an xslt transform to get into FMPXMLRESULT. Then upgraded to FMP11 and first had to deal with fixing the file specificaton issue that others have described (read xml Import Problem) that appears to have changed in FMP 11.

After that was taken care of, two of the three xml import script steps worked fine. The one that did not work correctly would import that data but put the data into the wrong FMP fields in the table it was importing into. Strange.

Armed with knowing that this worked flawlessly in FMP 9/10 and after testing the xml source with my xslt in oXygen developer to confirm that the resulting FMPXMLRESULT looked mahvelous, i knew the issue had to be in FMP 11.

Then it dawned on me that perhaps FMP 11 was using the order of the fields in the layout the script was using or the defined order in the table. Thinking like that lead me to look at the "Specify import order" settings for my two working xml import script steps and then at the one that was importing in the wrong order.

To my surprise, the two that were working had the import order "Arrange by:" popup menu set to "matching names" and the one that was importing into the wrong fields set to "last order" and had some random order, i think maybe the creation order. 

So to sum up, FMP 9/10 appears to have ignored the "Arrange by:" setting in "Specify import order" settings and now FMP 11 is not ignoring them. Knowing that, i changed the errant xml import script step "Specify import order" settings to use "matching names" and it fixed the problem in FMP 11, by which i mean the xml datat wound up in the correct fields. YAY!

Perhaps the FileMaker Pro Advanced help on the Help menu (Mac OS X 10.6.8) would show me how to set that correctly. In reading the two sections "Setting the import action and mapping fields during import" and "Importing XML data", neither made reference to what are the ramifications to specifying different "Arrange by:" settings when you import XML.

Further more, a feeature of using xml is the power of the named element to match the field name in your database on import. If your source comes with different names, you use xslt to transform the element names. 

In any case, FMP 9/10 ignored the arrange by setting and seemed to force matching names from the xml element name to the field name in the FMP table. 

Can someone from FileMaker please confirm this as a bug or a feature improvement? And if a feature improvement, could you please point me to the appropriate documentation that explains how the feature works.