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XML import format help!

Question asked by steelbut on Jan 2, 2009
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XML import format help!


I am trying to import xml data from an engineering program.  Can I get help on what it will take to parse xml below so they will import?  It is about 500+ lines usually if that makes a difference?  Below I pasted 2 different formats of the smae xml where I tried to make it parse but it would not.


Which one of the below examples are better or should I have the xml generator changed to another format?


Also when the engineering program makes the xml it sometimes makes more them one value for the same line (discription).


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<Descript>customer name</Descript>
<Value1>Customer Name</Value1>
<Descript>customer address</Descript>
<Value1>Customer Address</Value1>
<Value2>Address Continued</Value2>
<Descript>job id</Descript>
<Descript>job site</Descript>
<Value1>Project Street</Value1>
<Descript>building width</Descript>
<Descript>building length</Descript>
<Descript>back side eave height</Descript>



the second version of the same xml (in part)


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<F1011 desc="customer name">Customer Name</F1011>
<F1021 desc="customer address">Customer Address</F1021>
<F1022 desc="customer address">Address Continued</F1022>
<F1031 desc="job id">Hibbs_Fire</F1031>
<F1041 desc="project">Hibbs_Fire</F1041>
<F1051 desc="job site">Project Street</F1051>
<F1052 desc="job site">72029</F1052>
<F2011 desc="building width">30.5</F2011>
<F2021 desc="building length">40</F2021>
<F2031 desc="back side eave height">16</F2031>
<F2041 desc="front side eave height">16</F2041>
<F2051 desc="back side roof slope">1.0000:12</F2051>
<F2061 desc="front side roof slope">1.0000:12</F2061>
<F2071 desc="sidewall bays"> 2 at 20</F2071>
<F2081 desc="left endwall bays"> 2 at 15.25</F2081>
<F2091 desc="right endwall bays"> 2 at 15.25</F2091>
<F2101 desc="enter yes if sidewall eave heights are different"></F2101>
<F2111 desc="peak offset">15.25</F2111>
<F2901 desc="Hot Rolled Structural Code">AISC89</F2901>
<F2911 desc="Cold Form Structural Code">AISI89</F2911>
<F3001 desc="building design lifetime in years"></F3001>
<F3011 desc="dead load">2.000</F3011>
<F3021 desc="live load">20.00</F3021>
<F3031 desc="snow load">10</F3031>
<F3041 desc="enter Yes if load reduction is used">No</F3041>
<F3051 desc="collateral load">0.5</F3051>
<F3061 desc="wind code">IBC 06</F3061>
<F3071 desc="wind speed/pressure">90</F3071>
<F3081 desc="closure">Closed</F3081>
<F3091 desc="wind exposure">B</F3091>
<F3101 desc="wind importance"> 1.00</F3101>
<F3111 desc="seismic zone">B</F3111>
<F3121 desc="seismic V">0</F3121>
<F3131 desc="seismic coef Aa"> 0.530</F3131>
<F3141 desc="seismic Zv"> 0.00</F3141>
<F3151 desc="seismic importance"> 1.00</F3151>
<F3161 desc="wind10">0</F3161>
<F3171 desc="wind30 load">0</F3171>
<F3181 desc="left endwall live load">20</F3181>
<F3191 desc="right endwall live load">20</F3191>
<F3201 desc="rigid frame live load">20</F3201>
<F3221 desc="seismic Sa(2.0">1</F3221>
<F3231 desc="Temperature change">0 deg F</F3231>
<F3501 desc="Deflect Limit: EW_Col">180</F3501>
<F3511 desc="Deflect Limit: EW_Raf_Live">180</F3511>
<F3521 desc="Deflect Limit: EW_Raf_Wind">180</F3521>
<F3531 desc="Deflect Limit: Wall_Girt">90</F3531>
<F3541 desc="Deflect Limit: Purl_Live">180</F3541>
<F3551 desc="Deflect Limit: Purl_WInd">120</F3551>
<F3561 desc="Deflect Limit: Wall_Panel">90</F3561>
<F3571 desc="Deflect Limit: Roof_Panel_Live">180</F3571>
<F3581 desc="Deflect Limit: Roof_Panel_Wind">120</F3581>
<F3591 desc="Deflect Limit: RF_Horizontal">60</F3591>
<F3601 desc="Deflect Limit: RF_Vertical">180</F3601>
<F3611 desc="Deflect Limit: Wind_Bent">60</F3611>
<F3621 desc="Deflect Limit: RF_Crane">0</F3621>
<F3631 desc="Deflect Limit: RF_Seis">50</F3631>
<F3641 desc="Deflect Limit: Wind_Bent_Seis">50</F3641>
<F3911 desc="lew girt depth"> 8.00</F3911>
<F3921 desc="fsw girt depth"> 8.00</F3921>
<F3931 desc="rew girt depth"> 8.00</F3931>
<F3941 desc="bsw girt depth"> 8.00</F3941>
<F3951 desc="purlin depth (surface 1"> 8.00</F3951>
<F4011 desc="left endwall frame type">Bearing</F4011>
<F4021 desc="left endwall framing"> 15.25 15.25</F4021>
<F4031 desc="left endwall girt type">Flush</F4031>
<F4041 desc="left endwall girt locations"> 7.500 11.42</F4041>
<F4051 desc="right endwall frame type">Bearing</F4051>
<F4061 desc="right endwall framing"> 15.25 15.25</F4061>
<F4071 desc="right endwall girt type">Flush</F4071>
<F4081 desc="right endwall girt locations"> 7.500 11.42</F4081>
<F4091 desc="interior framing"> 1 rigid frame</F4091>
<F4101 desc="front sidewall girt type">Flush</F4101>
<F4111 desc="front sidewall girt locations"> 7.500 11.42</F4111>
<F4121 desc="back sidewall girt type">Flush</F4121>
<F4131 desc="back sidewall girt locations"> 7.500 11.42</F4131>
<F4141 desc="roof framing">Bypass purlins at 4.657 ft spacing.</F4141>
<F4151 desc="roof wind framing">Cable Diagonal Bracing</F4151>
<F4161 desc="left endwall wind framing">Cable Diagonal Bracing to Frame</F4161>
<F4171 desc="front sidewall wind framing">Cable Diagonal Bracing</F4171>
<F4181 desc="right endwall wind framing">Cable Diagonal Bracing</F4181>
<F4191 desc="back sidewall wind framing">Cable Diagonal Bracing</F4191>
<F4201 desc="rigid frame 1 - type">RF-</F4201>
<F4211 desc="rigid frame 2 - type"></F4211>
<F4221 desc="rigid frame 3 - type"></F4221>
<F4231 desc="rigid frame 4 - type"></F4231>
<F4241 desc="rigid frame 5 - type"></F4241>
<F4251 desc="rigid frame 6 - type"></F4251>


Thanks!!  Larry