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XML Import Issue

Question asked by jonnyt on Mar 20, 2009
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XML Import Issue


I have written two applications to consume some xml data over a http (internet) connection.


One application is written in and the other in a Filemaker database.


Essentially the application downloads some data from a subscription xml source that contains the details of UK road vehicles. The user types in a vehice registration into a text box and clicks import, this then downloads the data from the xml source and imports the data directly into the fields.


This works in my application and the data populates the fields of a form automatically.


In filemaker though I use the OpenURL script step to query the xml source, this then opens up Internet explorer and prompts me to download the xml file.I have to do this manually to save the xml into a directory before importing into filemaker.


The problem is that I have to add a Pause script step after the OpenURL script step to allow me to manually save the xml file before processing to import the data into the fields.



Any ideas how I can get filemaker to consume the xml automatically?


i.e when the user types the registration of the vehicle and then presses tab, I would like the fields to be auto populated from the imported xml.