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XML Import issue related to XML files with one record only

Question asked by didier98004 on Dec 10, 2009
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XML Import issue related to XML files with one record only




I have a XML import issue.

I am doing XML import using XSLT file, and I am finding out that my XML import would not fill the record. My XML file source is a complex XML with only one record in each file. After looking over the script carefully (I am sure the XSLT is correct), I found out that the checkbox regarding "Don't import first record" is checked! In my case, that would explain why the import does not work, as my XML file only has one record.


The strange thing is that I have tried to get this checkbox to un-grey and uncheck without any success!!

Is there is anything I am missing?


There is another thing to report on this though: The reason I know my XSLT is correct for this specific file is that the first time I set up my XSLT and XML import, I did got a record imported successfully (it is still in my database).

When I set up my script I do remember that I specifically did not check that specific box to make sure my first and only record is imported.


Thanks if you have any input on this that can allow me to uncheck this box in my script import step.



- I am using FMP10 Advanced 10.0v3, on a local machine (no server, no sharing)

- Windows 7

- Experience: Advanced