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XML output as text problem

Question asked by roebling on Jun 29, 2011


XML output as text problem


I am trying to get a plain ASCII text output file from my database, for use with an older device that does not like any formatting characters, etc. I have tried a number of export field or record  formats--none produce the clean, plain text output I need.

I've resorted to exporting as XML and writing a simple XSLT stylesheet which specifies text output with: <xsl:output method="text"/>. That works fine...

     ...except that there is an annoying character (or characters) that shows up in TextEdit (on my mac) as a "0" (number zero). No matter how I change the stylesheet (I'm a neophyte to XLST), no matter the field I specify for export--I get this extraneous leading character.

Any help greatly appreciated.