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XP to Win 7

Question asked by RoyCarter on Jul 14, 2011
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XP to Win 7


Our Transportation Director, Matt, has been using a Filemaker Pro® 3.0 database running on a Windows XP machine to track his bus runs, and students, and addresses for a number of years. He uses this database because it records information in a manner he is used to and can customize it to suit his needs. He does not use the "PowerSchool" web functions, because he can not customize that to his needs.
It is time to upgrade Matt to a new computer.
Some possible solutions would be:
  • Buy him a license for FileMaker Pro 11 and attempt to convert his old database to the new version.
    • Do it one has a lot of experience with FileMaker Pro.
    • Contract it out to someone with experience converting databases.
  • Virtualize his WinXP machine to run when he needs to use database.
    • Need input on the best way to do this, if possible.
    • Just migrate him to new machine and migrate his user profile and see what happens - won't know until we run it.
  • Move him to a Apple computer and try to to migrate to FileMaker Bento (a personal database - only works on Macs, but can be synchronized with an iPhone or iPad.)
  • Find a way for him to customize PowerSchool to work with his data.

notes: he will be upgraded to Windows 7 Pro, we are a K-12 Education Environment with a mix of PCs and Apples