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xslt for importing Waypoints from Garmin .gpx file

Question asked by jwilson on Apr 23, 2013
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xslt for importing Waypoints from Garmin .gpx file


     I am trying to import WAYPOINT data from a .gpx file taken from a Garmin 62c GPS, into a Filemaker database.  I understand that the .gpx file is basically xml, and  Filemaker can xml import. However it seems that Garmin's xml is not standard and is only readable by Filemaker with the use of a Stylesheet (.xslt).

     I have found a Stylesheet here that works fine for the importing of TRACK data from a Garmin  .gpx file, but do not know how to modify this Stylesheet to make it look for and pass over WAYPOINT data.


     Can anyone indicate any resources that may be able to help me?  I have no experience whatsoever with stylesheets....