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Yacht Marina

Question asked by Alasdair on May 6, 2013
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Yacht Marina





I am trying to develop a solution to control Yachts coming in and out of my Marina.


I’m a newish user of Filemaker Pro and can’t get the calculation or scripts correct to do this?


I want to have a principal table with my berths as records, (I think this is the correct way to do it?) each of which have a permanent berth holder who can be booked in and out using a timestamp. When they are away I can book a visitor into that berth (a bit like a hotel room).


I would like to have a tables for berth holder details, one for visitor details, one for yacht details which would be related to a person, berth holder or visitor and an invoice solution to charge the berth holder, visitor for their stay.


The main Layout would be used by my Harbour Master to control the berths as yachts come and go.


Information which may be helpful


We use yacht names and not the owner name to identify movements as the yachts call us up on a VHF radio with a yacht name.


We get yachts of the same name with different owners


Owners may have more than one boat.


Each boat may have more than one owner


We charge by yacht length and our berths are different sizes and types.


Thanking you all in anticipation.