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YAPRQ: yet another portal relationship question

Question asked by Radcon on Apr 7, 2010
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YAPRQ: yet another portal relationship question


Hi ya'll,

I have set up portals on two different tabs of a layout.  The portals display records from a related history table that stores snapshots of the data on the two tabs.  A script creates new records in the history table based on script triggers firing from the two layouts when certain data are changed.  What I am not getting is why my key field is not populated automatically as if I were creating a new record from the portal( I don't want to create new history records from the portals, view only).  I scripted around this by defining a local variable to my key field, and then setting that value in the newly created history record.  This doesn't seem like the best solution; what am I missing? ( And what did I leave out in describing this?)