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Year to Date usage

Question asked by david583 on Feb 10, 2010
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Year to Date usage


Filemaker Pro 10, Windows XP & Vista, Hosted Network (6 users)


I have a Parts Inventory table for the thousands of components we use. FM currently logs parts in and out keeping a running total.


What I am trying to acheive is a Year to Date(YTD) Usage calculation that will reset only once on the year change (Company year begins 1st August).

This would give a number of how many each year were used so future orders can be more accurate.


I want it to show the YTD usage for the current year 'live', i.e. a calculation that changes each time we take from stock.

I then need it to reset on the first day of each year and store the previous years total in a different field, possibly log of many previous years.


The main problem I am having is the reset, I cannot base it on date as it may be opened more than one time on that date. I need it to automatically reset all stock items once only at the start of the year and reset all current YTD Usage to zero.


Is there a calculation that can do this?