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Year's Total (of bookings)

Question asked by RogerBirch on Jan 18, 2015
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Year's Total (of bookings)


Having created a database to record all my hotel reservations, i want a field to show the total of money received todate but only for this year (2015) not previous years.

I have a field that I record the year, i.e 2015 and (amongst others) a field for showing the booking cost (Invoice) against each client and I know that I need to create a field base on the total of all the "Invoices" for 2015.

I believe this should be a summary field (or should it be a calculation?) but I do not see how to restrict my new field referring only to a specific year and comimg up with the running total.

In simple terms, I have taken 3 bookings this year, £100, £150 and £225. I want a field showing me the figure of £475 which will increase each time I take another booking.

I look forward to any help in creating this. Thank you.