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Yearly reports

Question asked by beachgrrrl on Feb 19, 2013
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Yearly reports


     I am new to FileMaker - I have been using Bento since the days of Bento 1.0 to manage my website design business. However I have just got a new PC and hence the switch to FileMaker. I have managed to copy all my Bento tables and load them into FileMaker and make the relationships between the tables.

     However, In Bento I have a table for Sales where I keep track of invoices, and below it I have Collections for Sales 2011, Sales 2012, etc. I cannot figure out how to make this happen in FileMaker. I did ceate a Layout which is quite lovely with Monthly subtotals, but it seems to report on the whole table - I can't find a way to limit it to one year only.

     Please advise what is the best way to accomplish this.